EaseMS Windows Application

The EaseMS Console application lets you send text messages from your PC - for the same price as in your MobileMeWorld account!

By simply downloading the EaseMS Console application to your PC, you can:
  • Send messages through the application to anywhere, from anywhere, from your PC at our cheap rates.

  • Use your MobileMeWorld account contact list to select who to send to
Similarly to using MobileMeWorld from the web, when you send a message from the EaseMS Console, your contact will receive your message as it appeared to come from your phone as a usual message would, letting them reply to your phone straight away if they wish.

So no matter what network you are on, whether paying monthly or pay-as-you-go, you can start sending messages to whoever, wherever, at our simple, no-confusion price.

Think of how much you could save...

Free text bundles from your network provider are great, but:
  • How much does your network operator charge per message once you've used them up?
  • Even when you have free text messages left, can you use them whilst abroad or to send to someone who's abroad?
  • How much do your text messages cost if you are pay-as-you-go?
With MobileMeWorld, the price is simple.

  • Free to Use (just need credits to send messages)
  • Uses SSL connectivity to ensure your data is protected
  • Recipients receive your message as if you sent it through your network provider, with your number (or your name if they have you as a contact) as the sender.
  • Just download and run - no install required...
  • Free Online MobileMeWorld Account
  • Windows© 95 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher
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